Hunted Down

Types of recruited profiles

The Mushroom headhunting agency recruits all kinds of middle and top management functions: operational, business, consulting, creative and strategic.

Some agency examples: project manager, account manager, consulting manager, sales manager, development manager, art director, creative director, strategic planner…

Some advertiser / digital players examples: CEO, communications director, marketing director, press relations, social media manager, traffic manager, sales manager, UI / UX designer, e-commerce manager…

A small selection of our recruitments

Alexandre Assous hunted down for melty

Head of Communications

Stéphane Bergny hunted down for extreme

Associate CEO
Extreme Event

Lou Lecarpentier hunted down for Identicar

Head of Communications

Eric Nguyen Khac hunted down for zonefranche

Creative Director

Raphael Gilmas hunted down for Attractive World

Marketing Director
Attractive World

Sandy Cohen hunted down for AppTurbo

Mobile Marketing Consultant

Ana Carolina Jácome hunted down for melty

Chief Editor
melty Brésil

And hundreds of other successful recruitments on long term contracts or as freelancers

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