our wins

From day one, Mushroom Mushroom has contributed to the recruitment of remarkable profiles in commercial, creative and strategic roles.

EXEMPLES in advertising agencies.

Project managers, client directors, advising directors, sales managers, development directors, artistic directors, creative directors, strategic planners…

EXEMPLES in companies.

General managers, communication directors, marketing directors, press relations managers,social media manager, traffic manager, sales directors, UI/UX designers, e-commerce managers…

selection of our recruitments

  • Noémie Malescot

    Client Director - Off Media
  • Yohan Houari

    Sales Director
  • Sophie Duparc

    Communication Manager
  • Nathalie Rousseaux

    Director of Marketing & Partnerships
  • Simon Perrot

    Sales Director
  • Cedric Leblanc Davidou

    Head of Communication