Communication & Digital Headhunters

Agencies, advertisers, digital players

We recruit for you!

Mushroom is a recruitment agency specialized in recruiting leading players in communication, marketing and digital.

The agency’s strengths : consultants bred in the communication sector, with perfect knowledge of the market and an operational approach to recruit.

Mushroom headhunters work with three patterns of customers:

  • Communication and advertising agencies
  • Brand communication, marketing and digital divisions
  • Digital pure players: startups and growing businesses

Intervention perimeter: France and International, with an agency based in Paris.

Chasseurs de Têtes - Dessin Bulles de Parole

Ad Agencies

Our team of headhunters is able to recruit for all kinds of agencies, independent or belonging to a group: digital communication, media and non-media.

Our strength lies in the path of each of our headhunters who before becoming recruitment experts, were swaying gently in the world of communication, marketing and digital. Growing up with a natural instinct for hunting, today they are your ideal partners for your recruitment needs.

Chasseurs de Têtes - Dessin Mégaphone


Our headhunters have always been able to serve advertisers. Our recruitment agency knows how hard it is to recruit the best resources to effectively manage a business’ digital and communication strategies.

As a french tongue twister says: “A hunter who can hunt, must know how to hunt from the hunch to the hit”. For the headhunters of our recruitment agency, this is the Mushroom motto!

Chasseurs de Têtes - Dessin Fusée

Digital Players

You are hunting for success? It is therefore essential to recruit the best talent from the start. The headhunters from Mushroom’s recruitment agency  hunt for web players such as startups and growing businesses.

Their heads on their shoulders, our savvy headhunters know how to find and recruit the rare gems of the digital world. You only have one thing to say to trigger the recruitment! “Mushroom, heads, you will hunt!”

The Mushroom method

Recruiting in 4 steps

Our difference is expressed in our method: listening and perfect ownership of your issues and your identity. Indeed every hunt is unique and our headhunters constantly adapt to these differences.

Chasseurs de Têtes - Icône Fussée

Step 1


Chasseurs de Têtes - Icône Grille

Step 2


Chasseurs de Têtes - Icône Puzzle

Step 3


Chasseurs de Têtes - Icône Canard

Step 4


Our method in detail

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