About us

Mushroom is a major international french headhunting and recruitment firm specialised in middle & executive management functions related to communication / marketing / sales  / digital

Categories of clients

Our clients are leading communication agencies, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), mid-cap companies, as well as large international groups from various sectors (food industry, banking and insurance, media, services, luxury, hospitality, etc.). As a specialized recruitment firm, we contribute particularly to the search for operational managers, experts, and senior executives in areas such as communication, marketing, digital, and commercial management, as well as strategy and creation.

Communication agencies

Advertising, event, design, media, digital, retail, corporate, brand content, social media and influence.


Communication/ Marketing, Digital and sales Business Units.

Medias and advertising

Online and offline.


Mushroom Key figures

15 years of experience

12 500 applicants

250 customers

2 000 + missions completed

Last posts


The return of expatriates, a headache for businesses

Notable differences occur in terms of communication, speech and strategy between a parent company and its subsidiaries which are established abroad. Expatriation can play a significant role to reduce the disparities between the two entities. Within the context of an expatriation policy, the employee plays an essential role as an intermediary to help unite the different work processes, corporate cultures, management styles, objectives as well as corporate values.Meanwhile, for the employee, expatriation represents a springboard for their career, i.e. learning a new language, adapting to a…


The concerning impact of Brain Drain

A country’s power and influence can be measured by its ability to attract new talents such as researchers, teachers and graduate students, and the international prestige of the talented minds it holds.When someone makes the decision to work abroad after their studies, they engage in a phenomenon, called Brain Drain, which appeared in the 1960s. From a first glance, there is nothing alarming, decisions like this are taken every day by thousands of people. However, when someone decides to leave their country, no matter the reason, their talent and ideas travel with them. Moreover, their home…


Mushroom continues its expansion in the middle east

After the opening of its new office in Dubai in 2023, Mushroom continues its growth in the Middle East and is pleased to announce the arrival of its new Country Manager UAE, Lara EL BABA.Since it was founded in Paris in 2009, nearly 15 years ago, Mushroom has imposed itself as one of the leading specialists in the recruitment of middle and executive managers in sales, marketing and communication on the French and international market. Mushroom has already partnered with many renowned companies for their recruitment needs, including LVMH, Kering, TBWA, Publicis, Lacoste, Disney, and many…